Emergency Service

We all know there are times when we may inevitably get delayed or we may need short notice help with our pets.

Many factors can change our routine but we are here to help to make sure your pets are happy! Family emergency?  Delayed in traffic?  Work Schedule Overrunning?  Taken ill? 

If you are going to be late home and need someone to check in on your dog, give us a ring or drop us a text!  We can visit your home to check on your pets, give them their dinner, take your dog out for a walk if needed, and will send you a text to let you know everything is OK. If you realise you are going to be severely delayed and need us to stay for a while, we can also pet sit for you to put your mind at rest.
Likewise, if you need to leave extra early in the morning before breakfast or morning walks – we’re happy to help.

Happy Dogs  Dog Walker in Reading